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Typhon post-processing

Monday 21 July 2014, by J. Gressier

A set of tools is provided to manage Typhon internal format files. Post-processors are detailed here.

Converters are detailed on this linked article.


  • command line: tymonitor [options] -[mon] "monitor=equation" inputfile[.tys]
  • where -[mon] option:
    • -avg "monitor=equation" : volume weighted average of monitor
    • -min "monitor=equation" : minimum value of monitor
    • -max "monitor=equation" : maximum value of monitor
    • "monitor" is the monitor name, outputs are written to "monitor.tmon"
    • "equation" is the expression of monitor, depending on x,y,z and field variables
  • where [options] could be:
    • -axi : enforce 2D axisymmetric mesh (metric calculation)
    • -imin index : starting index solution (default: 1)
    • -imax index : ending index solution
    • -isize size : size of index suffix (default: 4)
  • parsed files will be
    • inputfile.tys   if -imax has not been defined
    • inputfile.nnnn.tys   if -imax has been defined

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