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Tuesday 15 January 2013, by J. Gressier

Outputs file are currently managed with main.rpm file. One can defined either

  • an output of the zone through BLOCK:OUTPUT definition
    • output format FORMAT=TYPHON|CGNS|VTK|VTK-BIN
    • output filename FILE="myfile" [1]
    • output cycle frequency PERIOD=n
    • for TYPHON format, one can choose MESH=SHARED (default) to save disk space or MESH=FULL to ensure mesh writing with the solution
  • a history of boundary condition with additional options in BLOCK:BOCO

Note that an automatic output is triggered at the end of computation in TYPHON internal format. This file name is restart.tys.

TYPHON internal format can be exported to other formats with some post-processing tools (see associated CFDTOOLS)


[1] the extension is automatically added, .nnnn suffix is added if multiple files are needed for periodic output

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  • Outputs 11 January 2012 14:40, by TCH

    Comment est-ce que je pourais utiliser le fichier de "restart.tys"? ya des configurations la? Peux-tu l’expliquer? Merci :-]

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